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-Online session through breakthrough.com - $80 for a 50min session.

-Phone session - $30 for 30min or $60 for 60min

-Email sessions - $10 an email or $100 for a week of unlimited emails.

All emails will receive a reply within 24 to 48 hours. 


  • Convenient. Easy access, fast and flexible. You can do it when you want and where you want. There is no need to travel anywhere if you have a good internet connection at home. Particularly beneficial for those who have a busy life schedule and/or travel a lot.
  • With e-counselling, you can re-read the emails and think it over time. Often new insights occur. 
  • There is a greater sense of anonymity.
  • For those who are uncomfortable with face-to-face counselling, online and e-counselling are a good introduction to the experience.
  • Particularly effective for those who express themselves better through writing than speaking.
  • If you have a hearing or physical disability, this service may be more convenient and cost-effective for you.

Limitations :

  • The non-verbal, body language communication cues are absent in online / e-counselling, which is available in face-to-face counselling. Therefore, I may not be able to as readily read your emotions and feelings or tone of voice. 
  • If you are slow to type or do not have sufficient technology for this service.
  • Technical difficulties could delay the process.
  • If you find it very difficult to express yourself in writing.
  • I will ensure secure connections to protect your confidentiality but there is always the possibilty that confidential information may be retrieved and anything that you choose to discuss that may be confidential is discussed at your own risk.  
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